Welcome to Intel Cloud! Established Intelligence Professionals. Proven Analytic Techniques and Intelligence Analysis.

Hello and welcome to Intel Cloud.  Let me cut right to the chase since introductory blog posts tend to be among the least interesting things one could imagine.

Wait until you hear about this great font I use on my blog!

This blog is a collective of people experienced in the realm of intelligence and intelligence analysis within the law enforcement field.  We hope, over the coming weeks and months (years and decades?) to talk about intelligence work within that community from a variety of perspectives and hopefully spark some worthwhile discussions.

Intelligence and law enforcement got thrown together after 9/11 like a couple everyone thought would be so perfect together yet no one seemed to notice that this couple didn’t have a lot in common and it wasn’t clear either one dug the other much.  Still, after being elected the prom king and queen the couple had to make a go of it (at least until one could get accepted into a college the other couldn’t get into and then, after a suitable time doing the ‘long distance relationship’ thing, could break up and finally start dating that hottie down the hall).  For better or worse our couple finds themselves still together and now coming up on their ten year anniversary.

So, like any dysfunctional couple, the most fun thing about them is talking about them.

And, here we are…



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