Facial Recognition Mishaps

Here’s Looking at You, and You, and You … – IEEE Spectrum.

This article points out some of the false positives that have come from the wide spread use of facial recognition software used by law enforcement agencies and for those who are falsely recognized it can cause all kinds of problems that will take a lot of time and effort to straighten out.  While facial recognition is really amazing it’s not exact and anyone who has used the Faces function of iPhoto knows it doesn’t come without it’s quirks.  So using it against DMV data, as was done here, resulted in several false positives.  Although they do other research into the findings to determine the validity of the ‘hits’ there are still some problems that need to be addressed but in the meantime have all your identity related documents in order in case you have to prove who you are.

Of course any new technology is going to have it’s down side, but there are a couple of areas where the value of facial recognition, even with false positives, outweigh the problems.  When applied to missing persons and child pornography facial recognition can offer some help especially when the tips stops coming in and any piece of information could offer some help.   I don’t think it’ll be long until someone is located based on facial recognition tools used against social media and file sharing sites.  Sure, there will be false positives but in cases like these there are just as many leads that go nowhere from eyewitness testimony, which has proven to be largely inaccurate.  Hmmm, that’s a good question, what would be more accurate, facial recognition software or an eyewitness?   My money is on the software every time.


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