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FindTheData | Find. Compare. Decide..

Many analysts find themselves having to compile statistics of some kind, and it’s usually five minutes before the boss has a big press conference so you’re scrambling around trying to find data from a reliable source while the clock is ticking.  Or maybe that’s just been my experience.

This link to a site called FindTheData is a perfect solution and has data on a huge selection of topics.  The most obvious one for analysts is the City Crime Statistics and what’s great is that since this is actually a comparison engine you can use the filters to choose the data you want to look at side-by-side, maybe bordering cities or states, and it’s all presented for you in a easy to read and understand format that you can sort.

The data comes mostly from public domain databases and if you don’t see what you’re looking for FindTheData encourages users to send databases they often use for inclusion on the site.  Definitely bookmarking this one.


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