TwShiloh:  Has done analysis in the military and law enforcement field.  His work has been called ‘superficial and slapdash’ by some of the best minds in the field and was nominated for a Nobel Prize (well, his mother said he should have been nominated).  The methodology of intelligence analysis, counterinsurgency, military intelligence, technology and analysis, and analytical training are the shiny things that constantly distract him.  In addition, of course, to zombies.

He also blogs at the amazingly awesome Travels with Shiloh.

Bloodhound Betty:  Has been a law enforcement analyst since 1997 and is cross trained in computer forensics.  While currently supporting fraud investigations she also has experience in online child exploitation cases and has presented to parents and students on Internet Safety.  Her forensic skills have made her a menace to many a teenager who told their parents they ‘weren’t chatting with anyone’ and most friends refuse her unsupervised access to their computers unless it’s to recover treasured family photos or lost grad school projects.  She promises to ‘sniff out’ all things interesting related to data forensics, intelligence analysis, and cool software and apps, all while contributing to TwShiloh’s preoccupation with zombies.

When she’s not running with this pack you can also find her at Bloodhound Betty.

AnalysisMontage: Has performed duties in homeland security, counterterrorism, terrorism studies, and intelligence analysis. Although new to this field in relation to the experience of his counterparts, he is passionate and dedicated with a diverse background and set of professional skills. He currently utilizes his critical thinking and analytic techniques in service to one of the states in these fine United States.

ACrimeMapper: I’ve been working with GIS for more than 13 years. Currently I’m working with government agencies to incorporate geospatial technologies into their day-to-day operations, and To be honest, I totally dig what I do datasets that I get to work with. My background is in Enterprise GIS and software development and worked as part of a team developing a geospatially-enabled risk forecasting application.

When not being a geonerd, I am a wanna be hacker and always looking for new and interesting technologies to play with.


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