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Brainstorming with Twitter

Twitter integration comes to the world of mind mapping software via MindTweet – Mind Mapping Software Blog.

Fellow blogger Analysis Montage recently discussed Twitter and how it can help Intel Analysts become better writers. If you follow the link above you’ll see another interesting application of Twitter for analysts.

I’ve never used the Mindmap tool but the addition of this MindTweet app to brainstorm with other analysts inside the program seems like a really innovative way to tap into the hive mind of your colleagues, even ones you don’t know personally. For someone like me who is the only analyst for my region I don’t have day-to-day interaction with other analysts; sometimes this is what I like about my job, other times I could really use a few buddies to help gather my thoughts and bounce ideas. It never really occurred to me to find them on Twitter but when you think about it, Twitter is really a great forum for general brainstorming. A quick search of the trending topic #brainstorm proves it’s already being done for all kinds of topics and by all kinds of people. So, why not for intel analysis? We could expand our brainstorming sessions to a global audience from all disciplines, not just analysts, and generate a huge pile of ideas in a fraction of the time. ┬áIf you wanted to keep it close you could just organize a date and time with other analysts and come up with a unique trending topic say, #analystbrainstormingsesh, so that you could all find each other and generate some ideas using Twitter.

As I scrolled thru the tweets related to brainstorming I also found a really cool app for those of us with smartphones (yes, this is a direct assault on one particular dumbphone user-you know who you are). It’s free and called Brain Grease. I’ll download and check it out during my daily trip to the app store so stay tuned for more thoughts on the new face of brainstorming.